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Princess Smiley 08

Princess Smiley is using her slave for target practice with burping and spitting in: “Princess Smiley 08” Out today: www.kinkysexbox.com ;)

Princess Smiley is sitting at the kitchen table, and she tell her slave that he is lucky that she have invited him again. But she has a task, and the only one who can reach so low his him. She has a urge to burp and spit. So she start spitting and burping on her slave.

Another slave of her is filming the scene, and Princess Smiley is not rather happy with his previous camera skills. He gets slapped if he loose focus, and spit on as well, all along as she id degrading her burp slave to the lowest level.

Watch it at: www.kinkysexbox.com Covering his face with spit and burps ;)