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Samstag, 11. November 2017, 08:25

Coco De Mal pussy worship

Take a look at the beautiful Princess Nikki and Coco De Mal in a hot ass worship: ”Coco De Mal Pussy worship” released today on: ;)

In the words of Princess Nikki:

I just love licking my girlfriends pussy. It is such a thrill giving them orgasm after orgasm, just by using my tongue. Coco is so hot, and I can’t wait to put my tongue in her pussy and her clit. I start licking her pussy with passion and dedication, and needless she comes, BIG TIME!

I want to orgasm as well, so I have Coco start licking my pussy as well. Oh my God she really wanted this! I can feel the passion with every lick and the touch of her tongue. I am so horny, so aroused and I cannot not help myself getting a massive orgasm with the touch of Coco’s lovely tongue.

Out now: It is hard to only watch ;)