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Donnerstag, 12. Oktober 2017, 09:14

Afina Kiss piss

The beautiful Princess Nikki and Afina Kisser give the slave champagne serving in: “Afina Kiss Piss” released today on: http://shop.princessnikkicruel.com/en/collections ;)

I have a visit from Afina Kisser, and we start with some selfies, before Afina is giving a short interview with the cameraman. But it does not take long, Afina need to piss, and I call my slave over to get his champagne for today. We make it pretty clear what will happen, and he lay down on the floor, as Afina is standing above him ready to let her sweet champagne flow. Afina just let her flow go directly in his toilet mouth. When Afina is done using my toilet, the toilet forget to thank her for this privilege, so I make it very clear for “it” that this is not ok!

Watch it at: http://shop.princessnikkicruel.com/en/collections Just like paradise ;)