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Whipping labor needs payment

Princess Nikki and Lyen Parker make the slave suffer in: “Whipping labor needs payment!” out now on: ;)
Nikki and Lyen is two very beautiful, but dangerous Princesses. With a belt in their hand it is rather lethal! The Princesses are walking around in the apartment with their belts, and every time they stop at the Slave he must pay them. Whipping is hard labor, and the Princesses demands to be payed to whip the smock! He has to solve some easy mathematics, to guess his number of whips. But he is soooooo slow!
Princess Nikki and Lyen keep whipping the slave over and over on his back and his ass. But he should feel privileged to be keeping the Princesses happy with their belts.
Watch it at: Pay,to keep whipping you! ;)