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Mittwoch, 17. Mai 2017, 07:52

Dirty Party Nikki Cam 16

The beautiful Princess Nikki are introducing Asian Princess to the slaves in “Dirty Party Nikki Cam 16” Released today on: and also available on: ;)
Princess Nikki are introducing Asian Princess to the slaves, and they must welcome her by kissing her feet. Princess Nikki start of by showing her how to slap the slaves, and very soon Asian Princess get the hold of the face slapping. :) Princess Nikki then continue the game, and the slave who takes the most face slapping are awarded a smell of the princesses asses.. Needless to say, Princess Nikki takes any opportunity to humiliate the slaves for this ;). But which slave cannot stand a little bit of pain to have a smell of heaven? ;)
Watch it at: or: A little play and fun with slaves :D.