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Mittwoch, 17. Mai 2017, 07:39

Lady Lilliane and Princess Nikki 05

The beautiful Princess Nikki and Lady Lyen want their shoes cleaned in: “Lady Lilliane and Princess Nikki 05” released today on: ;)
Lyen Parker and Princess Nikki bring the slaves outside, and rub their feet in some ashes from some cigarettes. Then the slaves must carry the Princesses into the apartment again. One of the slaves is placed in front of them, and have to start cleaning the ashes from their soles.
It is such a dirty job, but he is a slave so he can only do what he is ordered to do. The Princesses is just checking his work, and does not really care what kind of disgusting things he has to swallow and eat in his work!
His job is very simple, keep the Princesses happy!
Watch it at: Better get that tongue working!. ;)